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Fee and Application Information

July 1 2002:

GDC has discontinued all registries except the Eye Diseases and Tumor registries. You can download Eye and Tumor forms below.
OFA has adopted the GDC SA (sebaceous adenitis), GCL and other registries. Contact OFA at (573) 875-5073 for SA and other forms. We recommend that you register with OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), and use the "choice" option to share the results of your dog's evaluations openly with other breeders through the OFA web site:

Please note: Normal processing time for applications is approximately 4 weeks, plus mailing.

All-breed Eye Disease Registry
1) Eye Diseases Application Form_
2) Instructions and Info for Eye Registry

Sealyham Eye Registry (SIGHT)
1) Eye Registry Application

2) DNA Blood Sample form

Note: This download is an Adobe Acrobat document and requires Acrobat Reader to open. If you double click on the file after you have downloaded it, and it fails to open, you can download the free Acrobat Reader program by clicking on the yellow icon:


Eye Registry Fees (all registries)
$10 For registering a dog (not previously registered with GDC) in the Eye Disease Registry. (Valid for 1 year only, since symptoms may occur at any time). No charge for affected entries.
$5 For registering or updating the evaluation of a dog previously registered with GDC.
$25 For three or more littermates or related dogs submitted together.
Additional Fees payable to other providers for veterinary, laboratory and evaluation services.

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Tumors: Instructions and application form download (Web version)


PDF download of Tumor forms (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Tumor Registry Fees
During the term that the Berner-Garde Foundation Grant is in effect, there is no charge to the owner or veterinarian for processing and diagnosing of the tissue at UC Davis or registering with GDC.

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KinReport for evaluation information on a dog and its close relatives

Online KinReport Request Form
To encourage online ordering, GDC requests only a small donation for the report

About the GDC KinReport
Click this link to learn about the GDC KinReport

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